The 9 Best Learning Toys For 3 Year Old Boy Right Now

The 9 Best Learning Toys For 3 Year Old Boy Right now

The holidays are upon us and it is time to find the perfect gift for that special little boy on your list. It is so important to introduce children of this age to educational play options to help shape their growing minds. It might seem like a challenge to find the perfect toy that will give the opportunity to learn something new and have fun at the same time. However, there are several toys on the market that will turn play time into learning time. Here is our list of the best learning toys for 3 year old boy.


  1. Design Your Own Marble Maze

This Seedline design your own marble maze kit is the perfect interactive brain teaser toy. Made out of 100 percent wood, the user can build the marble maze of his dreams. Arrange the wooden grid walls in a number of ways and even choose the beginning and ending points of the maze. You can also create traps to make the maze more difficult and add some complexity to the maze. Once you have created the perfect maze, simply drop one of the included marbles into the wooden puzzle and try your luck. Challenge those around you for some added fun.


However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Seedling has added a technological twist to the classic puzzle game. Download the toy’s app for even more fun. Turn your creation into a virtual reality experience and share with others via the company’s app. This kit includes the maze pieces, as well as a virtual reality viewer so you won’t miss out on any of the fun!

Parents love that that this toy is a technological twist on a classic brain teaser game. Children in today’s time are so enthralled by technology that games that involve electronics seem to keep their attention for much longer. They might get interested because of the mention of virtual reality but they will keep playing because of the mental challenge and power of creativity that this toy creates. Click here to get this for him now!


  1. Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game

The Melissa & Doug brand is known for creating one of a kind quality educational wooden toys. This catch & count wooden fishing game is a perfect example. The game includes two magnetic fishing poles and ten wooden fish. This toy is designed to not only help children develop hand and eye coordination, but also counting skills. At each turn, the player will spin for a number. The number they are given is the fish they must catch. Using the magnetic pole to attract the proper fish, each player is challenged to catch the fish!


This game is also designed to be played a number of different ways. The included booklet explains ways to use the toy to learn shapes, colors and number recognition. It can also be played solo or with a group of children. Made with sturdy wood, metal and durable plastic, this game was designed to withstand the rough play habits of children.

The great thing about this game is the versatility. Not only can you change up the game play to focus on whatever educational concept you want, this fishing game can be played by any number of children. This game is perfect for anywhere, from classrooms and play dates to quiet play time at home. Buy this for him now!


  1. Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs

When it comes to the best learning toys for 3 year old boy, what could be better than the classic dinosaur figures? These Learning Resources jumbo dinosaurs will be a huge hit for the little boy in your life. Featuring several different types of dinosaurs, each large figure is designed as realistically as possible. The set includes the most well-known dinosaur breeds, such as the T-rex, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and raptor. Measuring up to nine inches tall, these figures will spark hours of creative play while teaching about the science of dinosaurs.


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Spark a love for science at an early age to help build the foundation for a curious mind as they age. These dinosaurs are not only extremely detailed, but made with bold and vibrant colors to attract attention. This five piece set would make a great gift for any occasion.

Give story time a twist by introducing these dinosaur figures. Take turns making up your very own Jurassic tales! Or plan a visit to a natural history museum and bring these guys along for some up close and personal learning reinforcement. Don’t forget to take fun break to play with these dinos too! Buy it for your boy now!


  1. The World of Eric Carle Shapes Wooden Magnetic Set

Eric Carle is one of the most noted names when it comes to early education. He first became popular after his book, “The Hungry Caterpillar” hit the scene. His colorful illustration is perfect for interesting young minds and sparking creativity. This wooden magnetic set brings his colorful illustrations to life! This set includes 33 magnets shaped in a variety of colorful animals. From Carle’s signature caterpillar to other wild animals, your little boy will have hours of playtime with these colorful magnets.


Manufactured by Mudpuppy, each piece is made out of durable wood backed with strong magnetic backing. The pieces can be placed on any material that attracts magnets securely and safely. This specific kit includes a brown bear, polar bear, elephant, lion, fox, horse, cow, leopard, giraffe, hippopotamus, kangaroo, walrus, octopus, pig, dog, peacock, cat, sea lion, dolphin, sheep, sea turtle, flamingo, frog, duck, fish, birds, butterfly, and of course, the very hungry caterpillar, its leaf, and all the food it ate in the popular story. Open up a world of imagination with one of the best learning toys for 3 year old boy.

There are several great ways to use these colorful magnet shapes. Use them at story time and allow your child to illustrate the story as it goes. You can also use them as learning accessories for specific lesson plans, such as phonics or science. These magnets even provide a fun and simple medium to create a masterpiece. Get it for your boy now!


  1. The Magic School Bus Human Body Lab

The Magic School Bus has been a leading educational tool for a number of years. The show and brand’s way of making science fun and interactive has captured the attention of children of all ages. This unique toy is no different. The Magic School Bus Human Body Lab will teach your child about human anatomy and how the body works through a number of interactive experiments. The lab comes with everything you will need to learn about what makes the human body work and how our organs operate. This kit comes with a number of different components, such as:


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  • Cling-on window stickers
  • 17-inch plastic human skeleton
  • Stickers
  • Poster
  • Experiment cards
  • and so much more!



Help encourage a little future scientist with this one of a kind toy. Packaged in a fun Magic School Bus, all ages will learn something new with this kit. From building a working joint to creating a lung model, you will discover all about the amazing capabilities of the human body.

Make learning about the body fun with interactive experiments, instead of children simply reading about it. This toy is perfect for hands on learning. It will literally give your child an up close and personal perspective of the systems that power a human body. That is one heck of a toy! Buy this one for your boy now!


  1. Thames and Kosmos Remote-Control Machines DLX

This one of a kind deluxe kit will allow you to build and create your very own model vehicles and machines. Each of your creations can then be maneuvered by the included remote control. Kids of all ages will have hours of fun building the machines of their dreams. With 155 pieces and an instruction booklet, there are endless possibilities. In fact, the directions show how to make about 20 different models.

Building these models are not only fun, but a great learning opportunity. Thames and Kosmos kits are known to help children develop motor skills and coordination, as well as fueling a passion for science and technology. Educators and parents praise this learning toy brand and it has paid off. This specific remote controlled machine building set was voted Best Construction Toy for Kids by the American Specialty Retailing Association. Buy it for him now!


  1. Thames & Kosmos Code Gamer Coding Workshop and Game

Technology has become vital part of our everyday life and it is more important than ever to make sure your child develops a working knowledge and passion for technology at an early age. Set them up for success in the future with this Thames & Kosmos Code Gamer workshop and game. Compatible with both iOs and Android operating systems, this toy will introduce your future techie to coding and programming through fun video games. The control pad connects wirelessly to your tablet for quick and convenient play. Each level of the game can only be successfully finished when the player understands a basic programming concept. This type of learning approach has been rarely reviewed by educators and studies show that children that experience how technology work at an early age will have higher grades and a better understanding in math and science courses. Programming and coding are also becoming one of the most sought after and highest paid industry, so it does not hurt to help your child have a leg up on the competition with an early start.

This kit also comes with a booklet filled with fun experiments and projects that you can create with this touchpad. It is amazing to watch your child’s knowledge grow and their happiness when they successfully complete a project. Give your child the gift of knowledge and see their love of learning grow. Stock limited, get this for your boy now!


  1. Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism

Yet another Thames & Kosmos toy makes this list, which just shows how incredible these toys are at developing a love of learning for the special little boy in your life. This unique science kit will allow your little budding scientist to perform more than 60 experiments using basics circuits and magnets. This experiments use a variety of included tools, such as metal fillings, magnets and more. The included booklet will teach your child how to safely discover the electricity and magnetism with simple and fun experiments. Build invisible magnetic fields with magnetic shavings or build your very own Morse code telegraph system, The possibilities are endless and your child will have plenty of hours of fun discovering the incredible world of science.

The Thames & Kosmos brand is designed to introduce children to science and technology at a young age. This early introduction to the STEM realm is proven to have huge effects on a child’s academic success and development. Not many toys are able to promise these kinds of educational results. Your child will love this one so get it now!


  1. Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Machines: Custom Cars with Configurable Gear Box

This Thames & Kosmos kit will introduce your little one to the world of automotive engineering. This toy gives children access to ten different remote controlled cars with plenty of option to customize and make their own designs. Once they have created the car of their dreams, they can race them around on any smooth surface. Not many toys give children this much freedom, from building the toy and playing with it too. The great thing about these remote controlled cars is the complete control. You can do more than just steer them, children will have the option to control the speed, torque and other performance factors. From creating a high speed dune buggy to a machine that can turn on a dime, you will see the wheels of your child’s mind turning as they create a one of a kind machine. More than 260 building pieces and endless creative options, this toy is sure to be a hit with the little learning in your life.

Help you child develop an early love of machines and technology while providing hours of endless playing options with this unique Thames & Kosmos remote control kit. You won’t go wrong with this one so get it now!

There you go. Those are good learning toys for 3 year old boy right now. As you know stocks are always limited on best selections so don’t delay get one for him right now. Kindly share this article on social networks so that other parents might benefit too.

Have you bought toys for your kids already? Which one and why did you buy that? Tell the community in the comment section below!

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