How Can a Stay at Home Mom Make Money Online in 2017

How can a stay at home mom make money online (1)
So easy, it can be done with one hand…

Do you want to double or quadruple your monthly income while enjoying your time with your kids and family? What if I tell you that it takes just 5 simple steps to do that?

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Jaime is a busy career, hardworking woman who is expecting with her husband, who also happens to be a busy career man, their first child. Though she likes her job, Jaime is already wondering how she will juggle with the demand of her job and her upcoming role of new mother. She is even entertaining the idea of quitting her job and dedicating herself wholly to her child. She has discussed the idea with her husband and while they both agreed that it’s the best thing in the long run to bring up a well-balanced child, there is something that is not adding up to their plan: the finances. With both of them working, scarcely do they have much to put aside after deducting all the monthly expenses and mortgage payments. With the family increasing in number, there is going be an increase in the household expenses so as things stand right now, Jaime leaving her job to fully dedicate herself to her growing family is out of question. They are stuck and they are even abandoning the idea of Jaime leaving her job.

Or consider Michelle who is already a dedicated stay-at-home mom. Her husband, who is shouldering all the household income with his corporate job, barely escaped layoff during the last economic crisis. It has been a time of stress and anxiety for the whole family and both husband and wife have vowed to find a way to reduce their dependence on the husband job and to start working on their financial freedom.

Both Jaime and Michelle are hardly alone in their situations. Thousands of other couples are going through the same experience and today we want to help alleviate that burden.

Are you a busy career woman or mother seriously thinking about getting closer to your family and children? Or are you already a stay at home mom looking for a way to increase the household income with minimal effort without sacrificing your other mom duties? The internet is your answer and your secret weapon. Ordinary people with ordinary skills and knowledge have been riding the internet waves to make for themselves incomes that beat anything they could ever earn in a serious corporate career. If you are wondering how can a stay at home mom make money online, there is a solid book on the subject that we’d recommend you and you can get it here. I’s a quick read.

But today and in this article, I’d like to talk about one serious way you can make serious money online that requires little specialized knowledge. That business surpasses all other you’ll read about in the book recommended above and is particularly well suited for a stay-at-home, soon-to-be-staying-at-home mom or busy career women or mothers with burning to be able to devote more time to their children and family: Email marketing.

Essentially, all you do is to collect email addresses of people who are interested in a specific topic and then send them regular emails in which there are links that will take them to a website where they can buy a product. Each time they buy something you get paid a commission. That can quickly add up and grow past beyond anything you have ever earned or seen in your life. So how does it work exactly?

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Step 1: you choose a topic you are interested in or that you feel there is a huge crowd that is interested in: back pain, getting out of debt, getting the right job…all those are examples of topics many many people are interested in. You don’t have to choose those and if nothing comes to your mind as topic of interest, just keep reading for now, we’ll take care of that at the end of this email.

Step 2: You find offers or products geared or designed for that audience and you just start promoting those products or offers through email. Each time you send an email and someone buys you get paid. Very simple and easy.

But wait a minute, where do I get the emails of those people from? Where do I find the products to promote in the first place? Very good questions which means that you have been reading intently. The answers to both questions is found below. So please keep reading!

It can be started on the side while you are still holding onto your job which is how some people have started it.

You can even bring hubby back home and free him from his daily 9-5 work. Think about it, the whole family spending time together and working together from the rising of the sun to its setting.

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Is there a catch? Of course there is. Like in any endeavor, whether in business or anywhere else, if you don’t know what you are doing, you are in for a lot of headache and disappointment. Your goals, optimism and expectations will all be shattered in a moment because you are trying to reinvent the wheel. In everything, especially money making, there is always a learning curve so the smart thing to do is to find someone who has already done what you want to do and just copy and apply a proven method.

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Learn how to turn an email list into $10 000/month

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