8 Important Cool Baby Stuff: Guide for First-Time Parents

For first-time parents, it can be a little overwhelming to know which baby products are essential, which brands to buy and which products are the safest. First-time parents also want to have cool baby stuff that look good and work well. It is good to remember that there are two main types of baby products to look for when stuffing for a baby. First, we have the nursery sets which normally refer to baby products used inside the home. Next, we have the baby gear which for those moments and occasions when the baby is being taken outside of the home. And we all know those moments are many, independent of the climate and seasons. Listed below are examples of each:

Nursery Sets

  • nursery bedding sets
  • nursery closet organizer

Baby Gear

  • baby bag
  • designer baby bags



nursery furniture sets
Nursery set

Nursery sets category

Normally include furniture, bedding and organizers as well as all their accompanying accessories that offer a safe, comfortable place for the baby to sleep, to sit, to play and to enjoy quality time with the family.

Nursery Furniture Sets

With all of the different themes, colors and textures to choose from, stuffing a baby’s nursery has never been easier or more fun. Nursery furniture sets come in hundreds of different colors and there are a variety of themes to choose from. Most nursery furniture sets include three pieces: a crib that can convert into a toddler daybed, a changing table with plenty of drawers for all the necessary supplies, and a dresser or armoire. Sometimes instead of a crib, bassinets are used, which are typically just smaller versions of a crib. Nursery furniture sets can also include nursery chairs, rocking chairs and ottomans which work great for nursing or rocking the baby to sleep. Furniture for the nursery is made of wood that comes in traditional colors like white, espresso, black, merlot, butternut, coffee or more fun, vibrant colors like aqua, coral and green.

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Nursery Bedding Sets

The Bedding suite also comes in all kinds of colors and different textures and themes. Normally, when finding furnishings for the nursery, it depends on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. There are options out there though that can work for either a boy or a girl. Nowadays, the traditional blue is for boy, pink is for girl is not always the case as there are so many colors from which to choose. Bedding sets for the nursery usually include a crib quilt, crib bumpers, fitted sheets, pillows and a crib skirt.

A few important things to remember when buying nursery bedding sets are safety and comfort. It is good to remember that the sheets will want to fit snuggly over the crib mattress in order to maintain safety. In furnishing the baby’s nursery, there are also things like matching curtains and wall decorations to consider as well.

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Nursery Closet Organizer

Though very tiny in size, babies need a lot of stuff. It’s important to keep it all organized since baby items are usually needed to be found quickly. A nursery closet organizer is great for organizing clothes, socks, sleepers, hats, onesies, extra diapers, toys, stuffed animals and books. Many nursery sets come with matching closet organizers that are the same color as the furniture or the baby’s room. They often come with shelves, pull-out drawers, totes and a place to hang clothes. Having a closet organizer is a great way to keep the clutter out of the baby’s room and to know where everything is for super easy access.

As you are beginning to see, shopping for nursery furniture, bedding and closet organizers is way easy and more fun if you know what you are looking for and what you are doing. Now that you know everything you’ll need you are now well equipped to give an appropriate answer to whoever would ask: “how are you going to decorate the baby’s room?”. Besides indoor baby stuff, there are also necessities that baby will need for outdoor escapades as well. Enter the Baby gear which include among other cool baby stuff a car seat stroller combo, an infant carrier or baby carrier as it is sometimes referred to, a baby bag, some great looking designer baby bags because no one can seem to have enough of them and baby pools. Since these are to be used during outdoor escapades, some serious and important factors come into play when shopping for baby gear: ease of use, size, safety and how easily it can be stored away.


baby gear
car seat stroller combo

Baby Gear category

Car Seat Stroller Combo

Most parents have busy schedules and are often on the go. First-time parents like things to be done quickly and easily without having to waste time messing around. Schedules are tight and babies need to be transported quickly yet safely. A car seat stroller combo is a great travel system that allows a baby car seat to be taken right out of the car and then put straight into the stroller.

It is important to know that all babies need to be rear-facing while in their car seat. Experts recommend keeping babies rear-facing as long as possible in order to best prevent injuries. Infant car seats usually support a baby up to 22 pounds. Once the baby has outgrown the infant car seat, they will need to graduate to a bigger one that can accommodate them up to 40 or 50 pounds that will enable them to stay rear-facing for as long as possible.

Features for the back-seat facing car seat normally include a LATCH system with a five-point harness that attaches to a base that can be kept strapped to the backseat of the car. Once taken off the base, the car seat goes directly into the stroller and the baby is ready to go. Most strollers easily fold and unfold for easy storage in the backseat or trunk. They normally come with cup holders, a little storage area and a canopy. With a car seat stroller combo, traveling is super fun and super easy.

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Infant Carrier

As far as cool baby stuff go, an infant carrier may just be the most wonderful types of baby gear ever invented. These little carriers allow you to practically “wear” your baby wherever you go. With the baby tucked safely inside the carrier, hands are free to do simple tasks like wash dishes, do laundry and talk on the phone. They also allow mommy or daddy to carry the baby without having to lug them around in their car seat. Another great benefit to carriers is that they are great for bonding with the baby.

An Infant carrier comes in three main types:
Wraps– These are basically one very large piece of material that the mom can wrap around herself and the baby.  Wraps are made of soft material like cotton, linen, hemp, wool or silk and come in a variety of colors. There are also organically made  Wraps that are dye-free and are made with 100 percent organic materials. They are easy to use and are both stylish and comfortable.  Wraps generally come in two different sizes to support the baby as he or she grows. The first size supports the baby from 8-35 pounds and the next size up supports 15-45 pounds.  Wraps are more often used on the front with the baby facing mom or dad.

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  Slings– These are another type of infant carrier that are made with soft material like mesh or fleece and is machine washable. They come in different sizes to fit the size of mom and also the baby. Some slings are adjustable so instead of baby outgrowing the sling, it can simply be adjusted for the next size up. There are different types of slings one of which is called a ring sling. Basically it is a shawl with rings attached to one end which makes it easy to adjust. A couple of other types of slings include the pouch sling and also the Mei Tais which is a modern version of the traditional Chinese carrier that has straps, pockets and other features.

When wearing either wraps or slings, it is often referred to as “baby wearing” because that is exactly what mom or dad seems to be doing is wearing their baby wherever they go. It is easy to go places with a wrap or a sling because they fold easily and can be tucked away nicely in the baby bag.

Baby Carriers – While wraps and slings go back to the more traditional way of carrying babies, modern versions are an infant carrier that looks like a little backpack and can be worn either in the front or the back and even the hip. The baby can be facing either in towards the parent or out in order to better explore their world. These baby carriers are a little more versatile and contain lots of pads, straps and safety buckles and can support babies up to 36 months or 35 pounds.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for an infant carrier is comfort for both the baby and the wearer and also safety. It’s extremely important that the baby is in the safest position possible, one that properly supports the baby’s head, neck, pelvis and hips. It is also good to remember that the baby not feel smothered and has plenty of room to breathe.

Baby Bag

First-time parents quickly realize that a good baby bag or diaper bag, as they are traditionally called, are an essential item when having a baby. A baby bag is designed to carry more than just diapers but also carry the necessary changing supplies like changing pads, baby wipes and butt cream. A Baby bag is also made to carry bottles, baby food, blankets, and anything else that is needed while on the go. Most have various compartments to keep everything tidy and as organized as possible and are also machine washable. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and some are even insulated and have a place to put a small icepack.

Designer Baby Bags

Designer baby bags do all the same things an everyday diaper bag does but with more style. Designer baby bags also come in a variety of colors and sizes. They also come in different styles like backpack, satchel, cross body, totes and carryalls. Some famous brands that make designer baby bags include Coach, Petunia Pickle, Ju-Ju-Be and Skip Hop. Most designer baby bags are made of leather which, as everyone knows by now, is one of the best materials for bags and other fashion stuff.

Baby Pools

baby pool
baby pools

Baby pools are great outdoor gear for babies and offer something fun and cool for babies to do, especially on warm days when it is good to be outside. Baby pools, or kiddie pools as they are sometimes referred to, come in a variety of different colors, sizes and different features and can be used in the yard or right on the patio. Most are inflatable but there are also others made out of plastic that don’t have to be inflated before use. Some baby pools come with little canopies to keep the baby protected from the sun. The most important thing to remember about baby pools is to keep the baby safe while having fun in the water. Never ever leave a baby alone, even if there is very little water inside the pool.

There is so much cool baby stuff out there for first-time parents and hopefully this guide helps first-time parents to know what kind of products are available and how to go about shopping for baby gear and nursery sets. It can be a difficult task to sift through so much information as there is a lot to think about when buying products for the baby. Not only are there an abundance of color choices, materials, and sizes from which to choose but there are also other things to consider such as safety and user friendliness. But you are in luck as we make it our mission to provide you with timely information about cool baby stuff out there that you and your babies will surely love. Why? Because we love babies!


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