How to make your child an asset to the world

How to make your child an asset to the world?

How to make your child an asset to the (1)

With all the joy and excitement that follow the good news that a baby is on its way, to his actual birth and beyond, it is important that we don’t get too carried away so as to forget the only thing that matters and counts: that baby is either a potential asset or liability to the world. Under all normal conditions and in a normal world, a baby or a child is by default an asset to the world, a blessing and a value adder. But boy, it’s been a long time we are no longer living in normal conditions and in a normal world. That’s a known thing, I’m not making up something new here.
Thus, it becomes critical for parents first and everybody else second to ensure that each baby, child that is born does indeed become an asset to the world. These series of posts are my attempt at that task, helping parents ensure that their child turn out to be assets, vast assets to the world.

We all know this metaphor very well: there is a time to impress some effects on a tree, when it’s still a tender plant, full of youth and growing healthy. Past that critical short window, there is nothing that could be done, one has to live with what one gets. The same goes to domestic animals and all the more important to human babies or children. there is a critical time in a baby’s growth or child to impress some values and virtues upon him. If that window is missed, technically it’s virtually 100% impossible to expect anything good from that child again. I said virtually because sometimes miracles do happen but even the Bible doesn’t bet on such miracles that’s why the bible was adamant in instructing parents in this wise: “Train up your child the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it“. So we see by this that there is indeed a critical short window that should not be missed at all in a child growth to ensure that he/she turns out an asset to the world. The biggest issue today is that many people embark on that journey without any preparation and without those basic facts and practices that will be crucial in the education they give their children. So we have children who are abandoned to go seek answers themselves and the street is always ready to teach them.

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Quite frankly, I don’t think we need to define an asset or a liability, it’s pretty clear and straightforward. Everyday’s life around us is filled of stories of men and women who are either an asset or a liability to the world.

We will be covering what parents-to-be are supposed to be doing:

  • before conception
  • after conception
  • after birth

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In the meantime, let us know in the comment below what you think of our initiative and what you just read above. Do you think like us that a child is a potential asset or a liability to the world? Do you think parents should do, not their best, but everything to ensure that their child turns into an asset to the world? What do you think is that critical time frame that parents can use to impress key values and virtues on their child? Have your say in the comment section below.

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