5 importants components of the ideal Nursery furniture sets: guide for first time parents

nursery furniture sets

First time parents are often at a loss in terms of what to put in the nursery. While the crib is a given, there are various other pieces of furniture that need to go into the room as well. Nursery furniture sets can be highly advantageous because they provide all of the pieces that are needed, ensuring that parents have all of what they need.

If you are a first time parent, you can benefit from a set. Cool baby stuff can be added throughout the room once you buy the set because the basic color theme will already be in place. The average set includes:

– Crib

– Dresser

– Dressing table

– Toddler rail

– Hamper

The Crib

The crib is the most important component of a nursery because it is what baby sleeps in. It’s a good idea to buy a new crib because the regulations can change periodically in terms of what is allowed. Some of the older cribs that have a front that slides down are now banned because it can harm the child. To avoid any kinds of recalls, it is best to select a newer model.

When you look at a crib, try and find one that is a four-in-one. This provides conversions so that it can evolve as your child grows. For the first year or more, your baby will be in the crib. After that, you can follow the instructions to convert from crib to toddler bed. As your child grows even older, the crib can convert to a day bed or a full bed. All you have to do is change the mattress as needed.

By being able to make conversions, you are able to get your money’s worth for the furniture that you buy for the nursery. Parents who don’t consider conversions end up purchasing a crib, a toddler bed, and then another bed as they reach the age of four or five. This can end up being a considerable amount of money and as a first time parent, you probably wouldn’t know any better.

The good news is that when you purchase a set, a convertible crib is usually included. From there, you simply have to add the mattress. A standard crib mattress will be used initially and then you can upgrade to a toddler mattress and then a standard mattress. You can also use a box spring with many of the converted full beds to boost the bed higher like a traditional bed.

Especially if you love the look of the other pieces within the nursery furniture sets, you shouldn’t have to get rid of everything just because your child is no longer in a crib. This is a mistake that many make. They want everything to match so they try and buy furniture all at the same time without it being in a set. They assume that they will be able to find another bed that will match all of the other pieces. However, there can be a considerable amount of time between the purchase of the crib and the purchase of the toddler bed.

As such, when it comes time to purchase the toddler bed, it is likely not going to match with the other pieces of furniture in the room. The style and/or the color may be different, which means that the entire room looks like it’s been pieced together.

The benefit to buying a set is that all of the pieces coordinate. With the crib, it is able to convert so that you can still maintain all of the other pieces. You get a great looking room for many years to come, which provides a considerable value when you consider that you are just working on setting up a nursery to begin with.

After you purchase the crib, you can also begin shopping for all of the linens that will be used with it. This includes a fitted sheet that goes over the mattress as well as a waterproof mattress pad. You won’t have to worry about sheets and pillows until you convert into a toddler bed because those items should not be used inside of a crib with a baby.

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The Dresser

The dresser is another important aspect to the nursery because you need a place to be able to put all of the clothes. Don’t assume that the closet is enough. For the first several months, the majority of what your baby will wear is onesies and outfits that are so small that they won’t fit on a hanger in order to hang in the closet.

The best solution is to take all of the little clothes and fold them up into the dresser. Spare packs of diapers can go in the bottom drawer and you can use the top few drawers for onesies, socks, hats, and any other baby apparel that you might have.

As your child grows up, the dresser will still be a critical piece within the bedroom. Just as you have a dresser in your room, your child can have one in his or her room. They will be able to open the drawers on their own to get what they need and it can help to keep the room organized so that there are no clothes simply thrown around the room.

With a dresser in place, it can also help to make more room within the closet. You may find that the closet is needed for various other items including extra diapers and wipes, a play mat, toys, and anything else that you might have for baby that doesn’t need to sit out in the open on a daily basis.

Depending on the furniture set that you have, the dresser will have between three and five drawers, so you will want to choose based upon the size of the room you have dedicated to the nursery as well as how much space you will actually need for clothes.


The Dressing Table

The dressing table, commonly referred to as the baby changing table, is a piece of furniture that you really want in the nursery. The majority of nursery furniture sets have them, so it’s not something you have to think about. If you buy the set, you will have it to add to the room.

If you think that you don’t need one because your pack and play has one that flips out on the side, think again. The one on the pack and play is very small and is fine for newborns. Once your baby has any kind of weight to him or her, you will want the added support of a dressing table so that there are no accidents.

There are various models of dressing tables, so you will want to look through the options before you decide on a set. Some have shelves for items while others have drawers. This is a matter of preference. Some parents prefer the shelves for easy access while others prefer the drawers because it can hide things from out of view of the child as well as anyone who comes over to visit.

The shelves can be used for diapers and wipes as well as other items, such as:

– Burp cloths

– Aspirator

– Nail clippers

– Baby blankets

On top of the dressing table, you can find various mini mattresses that can be purchased separately. This provides a soft place for you to rest your child when you are changing a diaper. Some of the mattresses or pads that go up on top can be contoured, which is ideal for smaller babies. It can also prevent them from rolling over while you are in the process of getting the diaper on or off. They make waterproof covers for them to make it easier to clean up after accidents, too.

Next to the dressing table, you want both the hamper and the diaper genie or other pail where you are going to dispose of the dirty diapers. This will make it easier for you to get the baby cleaned up and get the nursery back in order all at the same time. If you have to carry the diaper out of the room or across the room, it can add to the odor. You also run the risk of dropping it, which is never a good thing.

If you have a particular look that you want for your dressing table (such as shelves versus drawers), it may dictate what your overall nursery set looks like. Most sets aren’t mix and match, so it becomes a set of four or five with the pieces already predetermined.


The Toddler Rail

The toddler rail is a feature of most nursery sets because it allows you to complete the conversion on the crib to bring it into a toddler bed. This provides for a low bed for toddlers to be able to climb in and out of without your help.

While it is possible to find toddler rails on the market without being in a set, you should get the one that coordinates with the crib. This ensures that you get the right fit and the look is consistent from piece to piece. Until you are ready to make the conversion, the toddler rail can be stored in the closet or slid under the crib so that it is out of the way.


The Hamper

The hamper is something that many first time parents forget about if it’s not included in any kind of set. You are going to get all kinds of cool baby stuff for your child to wear. Once it is dirty, you want someplace to put it – and the hamper can match the rest of the furniture so you don’t have to introduce a traditional hamper into the room.

Having a place for dirty laundry allows you to keep the nursery looking great. As your child gets older, the hamper can be moved from beside the changing table to a corner of the room or even the closet. When your child learns how to dress him or herself, it can be their responsibility to put the dirty clothes in the hamper and even empty it periodically to bring to the laundry room.

What First Time Parents Need to Know

As a first time parent, you need all the help that you can get when setting up a nursery. It’s hard to imagine what a baby needs until you have one in the room. However, you can use nursery furniture sets as a basis for setting up the room. All of the “must have” components will be in place. From there, you can add other items, such as:

– A lamp

– Diaper Genie

– Pictures

– Crib mobile

– Toy chest

When you can find a set that includes a convertible crib, you are able to establish a room that a child can grow into. This will ensure that it goes from nursery to child’s bedroom without having to invest in any more furniture. All of the items can be used as a child gets older, with the exception of the changing table. The table, however, can be used to hold toys or be removed from the room altogether. The bed will also be converted into a toddler bed and even convert into a day bed or full size bed so that it grows as your child grows.

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The nursery that you establish does not have to be designed purely for a baby. You can purchase furniture that will ensure that you get your money’s worth from the entire set. Sets can come in various styles and colors, allowing you to quickly establish a theme for the room. This allows you to save money over the long run and capture a look that you love that can be enjoyed for many years to come. You can always upgrade the décor and the linens while maintaining the furniture so that it can be used from birth until teens.

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