We designed this resource page to help first time parents plan right and easily. Every product recommended below are the top rated in their respective niches.


Baby gear

Car seat stroller combo: except you expect to remain locked in the house until your baby grows, you will need this item. It comes with a detachable car seat,very practicable and highly recommended. The Britax B-Agile and B-safe Travel System is the best model in this category. Get yours here.

Infant carrier or baby carrier: it sometimes replaces the stroller as it allows to wear your baby. This has an added advantage of freeing your hands so even though you have the baby very close, you an still afford to use your hands for other tasks. Very practical. Get yours here.


Nursery sets

When it comes to nursery sets, it is always better to buy the complete set (usually 4-6 pieces of furniture) rather than buy them separately, one by one. This includes the crib which should adjust to your baby as he/she is growing, toddler guard rail, a dressing table, the hamper, the drawer chest. Thus, the best set with all those configuration is the sb2 by Sorelle Petite Paradise. Click here to read more about it.

Sometimes, some moms like to add a rocking chair or gliding for those occasions when they are breastfeeding their baby or when they want to put the baby to sleep effortlessly. This one is the best selling in this category so you might want to check it out.



Sometimes, a couple may decide that in the best interest of their children, it’s best for the wife to stay at home and take care of the children while the husband is out there working and bringing in the revenues. That’s an awesome arrangement to my estimate. But it can get better, both spouses may decide to stay at home closer to their children and work from home. In that case, an online business is their best bet.

Atop the list of online businesses you can start is an information publication site or what some people call blog. But it’s best to treat it like an online magazine. For that, you will need a hosting account and a domain name to get started. Bluehost is your best bet when it comes to hosting your blog or website, especially for a beginner. Click here to get an amazing hosting deal.

After that, you will need a domain name and you can’t get wrong with Namecheap for this one. Click here to get your domain and get started with your blog right away.

Membership sites fare well too especially because they provide you with the golden recurring revenue. If you are interested in learning more the membership site business model, this guy can help you out big. Check him out here.

There is also the much talked about kindle publishing. If you always wanted to write a book but were never able to put the first words on paper, you can get started now with a simple plan that will help you write, publish, market and create some residual income for a long stretch. The perfect resource for this is this course. Check it out.

Last but not the least, there always the option of selling physical products on amazon. There are various styles in this category but for a beginner, the simplest way to get started in by buying inventory from wholesalers and resell on amazon. Once you gain some experience, you can move to other advanced styles. So for a starter, this site has the best sources for wholesalers across the country. Check this out and be sure to get started today. The more you wait, the more you are convinced that you don’t have time and the more you are convinced it’s too late to get started anyway.

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