Think you have what it takes to contribute to CBSS?

The purpose of this site is to build an authority platform in the baby and parenting niche. Read the About us to learn what we stand for.

Therefore, we are looking for the followings to expand our content (all formats) in terms of quantity and quality:

SAHM, WAHM, SAHD, WAHD for content related to family activities, recipes, family budget and finances…

– contributors/authors

products reviewers 

– counselors, experts in parenting subject matters

 We are open for texts and video-type of contents. Be sure to read the whole thing down to the last word.


  • 100% original content. Posts have to be well researched and practical.
  • Data backed content. Every claim needs to be backed up with a link to a research or case study confirming it.
  • Include at least one legal photo to be used with the post, preferably 2-3.
  • Article length: 2,000 words +
  • Article types: product reviews, how-to, list, news-driven are welcome and highly favored.
  • No pen names, 100% authentic stuff only
  • The love of writing.
  • Addiction to everything babies & parenting
  • Knowledge of baby food and food recipe stuff
  • knowledge of baby products and gear
  • We also expect the writers to promote the articles they’ve written on their social profiles/blogs. (If you can’t promote your own content, who will)


  1. Apply to become a contributor below… tell us what you do and can do and as much as you can about you. Send the links to your blogs as well as articles you have written for other blogs. Don’t forget your fees.
  2. Say what your idea is and submit a content calender.
  3. Your assigned editor will review, make some amendments if the need arises and we’ll start our cooperation.

See application form below.


Do your project and video it

Send your raw video to the editor with your notes.

Your editor will review the video and notes and approve it or ask for revisions.

Once your video is approved your talent fee will be paid via paypal.

Get your next project from the editor and do it again

Here are some basic fee guidelines:

Under 5 minute or less video tips, tricks & techniques $20

Under 30 minute mini-projects $50

Under 60 minute projects $100

See application form below.



Have you just purchased a cool baby stuff: baby gear, nursery sets, baby accessories? Would you mind writing a product review article or a video review for the product? Of course, you’ll be paid.
Here is how it works.

Step 1: you just bought a cool baby stuff. After at least 1 month of intensive/normal use, reach out to us with a scanned copy/screenshot of the purchase receipt. Just to be sure you really bought it.
Step 2: We validate the scanned copy/screenshot of the receipt and send you the format of the kind of product review article or video review we are looking for. Don’t worry nothing complicated.
Step 3: You send us the draft of the product review article or video review. Your assigned editor reviews and validate/rejects it.
Step 4: In case your review is accepted, we publish it.
Step 5: You promote it on your social network profiles and we pay you. If you can’t promote your own writing or video, who else will?

That’s it that’s all. Pretty straightforward and simple. Indeed, we like simple processes.


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